Depth of Field on the M43 is in fact better not worse.....

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FF offers more control, other terms subjective

I agree, the terms "better" and "worse" are subjective. I more accurately think of it this way: My full frame system offers more control over depth of field. In other words, I have the option to go shallower DOF on my FF system than my m43 system. To me, the ability for more shallow DOF is usually better, but to a landscape photographer it is likely worse.

Mike_PEAT wrote:

BushmanOrig wrote:

Almost every second day one see comments made about the micro four-thirds and that its not so OK in the DOF department.....Is that true?

DOF is something that CAN'T be described as better or worse than any other can only describe it as shallower, or deeper at a certain aperture and equivalent focal length.

My first camera was 6x6 format which is a larger format than 35mm...with that camera it was much easier to get the background out of focus compared to 35mm or FourThirds, but whether it's better or worse would depend on your wants for a particular shot.

Each sensor size format is a compromise between its benefits and negatives. Even though I've shot larger formats (including 35mm for over 20 years) in the past, and I've shot smaller formats, FOR ME today FourThirds is the best for my needs.

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