Tamron 60mm F2 Macro concerns

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Re: Tamron 60mm F2 Macro concerns

Dave Oddie wrote:

It's a bit of a pain comparing macro lenses because you have to be sure where they are measuring the closes focus distance from.

If you read about the Sigma 105mm macro on their UK web site the write up text says closest focus is 142mm but the specification then says 31.2cm. The length is 126.4mm so you would think that means a minimum focus of 31.2 - 12.64 = 18.56. Maybe they are taking the distance to the focal plane into account or any recess on the front element.

The Tamron states 23cm in the specification for the 60mm and 29cm for the 90mm so I assume it is from the focal plane of the camera.

The 90mm is 9.7cm and the 60mm is 8.0 cm long so we end up with effective distances of 19.3cm for the 90mm and 15cm for the 60mm. This is disregarding what is lost due to the depth of the camera lens mount to the focal plane.

That 4cm is not to be sniffed at IMO. The 90 has the front lens recessed so that eats into it but by how much I don't know but I reckon when people say the 60 and 90 are just about the same due to the latter's recessed element they ignore the fact it does act as a bit of a lens hood whereas the 60 has to be used without any kind of hood to match it.

The 90 can also be used on full frame if you ever went that way.

As an out and out macro lens I'd like the Sony myself but it is current;y too expensive in the UK so I have been looking at the Tamron 60mm and Sigma 70mm mainly because I prefer the focal length to 90 or 105 on aps-c when they are used generally despite what I say above that tends to favour the 90.

I think the Sigma issues with SLT's have been addressed and I am not even sure this lens suffered from them anyway.

That has minimum focus of 25cm and its length is 9.5cm so that gives 15.5cm but its front element is also recessed.

I do like the fact the Sigma has focus limiter switches. Auto focus may not be much use for macro but I'd expect the one that runs from 55cm to infinity to aid focusing speed when being used as a short telephoto. If the Tamron 60mm had a limiter I would just buy it right away probably.

As to de-fraction I don't think you need to worry.

Have a look what is said here for the 60mm and you can see they reckon up to F16 is excellent


and here its the same for the Sigma if I have given you any interest in that lens.


If anything the Tamron is a tad sharper up to F5.6 then the Sigma takes over but I doubt you could tell the difference in real world photos.

On the Tamrom review there is a nice set of photos showing the depth of field at various apertures.

Decisions, decisions!

Thank you this is just the kind of reply I was looking for

You seem to be making the same considerations as me.

I think it was thread about the working distances:

I have no intentions of full frame at the mo as i've been there already and decided it did nothing to improve my photography so decided not worth the extra cost/weight

I am sure that Sigma have addressed the SLT issues with their new lenses but if I choose to buy second hand (most likely) then I take a risk unfortunately.

The focus limiter is nice but not essential for me as I will most probably rarely use this lens outside of macro and I am not opposed to using MF is necessary.

I like the internal focusing as I can create a descent flash snoot that doesn't have to cater for the barrel movement.

I am 90% sold on the 60mm and I have seen a half decent price on a mint one used one but diffraction is the biggest concern for me and mainly this review that amplified my concerns:


(read the conclusion)

I think if I can get over that then I will pull the trigger.

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