Help me understand the k-5 and k-30 please.

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Re: Does K-5 have better DR than Nikon D7000?

MaxIso wrote:

ET2 wrote:

snapper1967 wrote:

I loved my D7000 but was never thrilled with high iso shots. DR was awesome though.

If you were not thrilled by D7000 high ISO shots, you are not going to find any other APSC that thrills you either. K-5 and D7000 has the same exact sensor.

the lotus elise and celica gts both have the exact same engine (2zz-ge) but that doesnt mean they are the same in performance. for instance, the k5 and D7000 are very close in performance, but they both destroy the a55 and other sony cameras in noise performance. yes, even at iso 1600 where theres no NR.

They look just about the same. D7000 probably is even better given D7000 ISO is more sensitive (ISO 125 on D7000 = ISO 100, and K-5 ISO 80 = ISO 100). I told you this 10 times before, but like a thick headed baboon you don't seem to comprehend this.

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