another open letter to Sigma

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Re: I hate Cray analogies...

jcb9001 wrote:

Sigma is the Commodore Amiga of digital cameras.

That is an unreasonably good analogy.

Only quibble I have is that the Amiga had a decent OS (a descendant of Tripos, if I recall? BCPL anyone?) compared to its contemporaries and I don't think anyone would accuse Sigma of being a software/firmware innovator.

FWIW, I'm working on a 4-year-old Mac Pro and it's held up just fine, whether processing pre-SD1 X3F files or 4x5 scans, especially once I stuffed it with a decent amount of memory. If SPP did a good job of multi-threading and memory management, which in my opinion it does not, I don't think processing SD1 files would bother me at all. Really curious to see how well Raw Developer handles them, once Brian is finally able to slay the last dragons and get it out the door.


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