Third Party Flash for Nikon D80?

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Re: Third Party Flash for Nikon D80?

Hi Michael 2011,

For the Yuongnuo,I was looking at that one also, but it can't do FP, you know, the high speed close up into the sun thing.
So if that's importantant to you, it can't.

I had a SB800 and wanted a second flash.
Bought a second hand Sigma 500 dst super.

They state it does off camera wireless TTL, it does but you cannot change the settings wirelessly, you have to walk to the flash to do it there.
Doable but not wat I want.

It works OK though as on camera TTL flash.Forget about Cls, they say it does commander mode, yeah but not to a second Nikon flash, just with another Sigma.

So I think I learned a lot on reading brochures especialy that when they don't state something
explicitely you don't have it.
But it's up to you to find these culprits.

If you buy SB 700 800 900 910, they do everything that the Nikon Cls system is capable of.
The SB 600 just can't be the commander the rest is the same.

Read up and be prepared for the surprise.

I like Cls and for this you have to buy Nikon but I find it worth the money

For on camera flash, read the specs and buy whatever brand you like.

Ciao and happy shooting, Han.

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