Pentax K-5 dpreview score 83 above 5D M3 and D800; how come?

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Mako2011 wrote:

muratime wrote:

also I am not talking future here, this is todays weird scores there.

You can not score something based on future I agree but when future comes you can easily compare with past, this is not science fiction.
otherwise everything we read and see is completely becomes nonsense..

5 years later high iso performance of the cameras will have lower score than today's cameras? NO!

I think you simply can't compare a review score from December 2010 of an APS-C body to a 2012 review of a FF body. That is like comparing Car and Drivers review of the 2010 Ford Focus to there 2012 luxury Car review. You're completely missing the points newmikey brought to light. The only relevant comparison would be one of the scores between the Nikon D7000 vs Pentax K-5.

Hey Mako,
I am not comparing the review!!, I am comparing the scoring system...

If today 2012 luxury car has better engine, I can simply reduce the score of 2010 model engine relatively, this is NOT so difficult...

Whenever an excel model is being introduced here, others can be rated relatively.

It is a kind of dynamic bar scoring system, everything is relative, so any software writer can easily make a program which can influence the past reviews scores..

It is important for DPR to escribe how better the new IQ or ISO or how better the new metering system.. let's say K-5 IQ was 90 according to DPR, now there is 5DM3, it is 35% better than K-5, than in the main pool K-5 score goes down and 5DM3 gets a new score comapre to best in the market relatively.

If you look proof, check out DxOMark scoring system, they prety well handle the issue, they do not go over 100 type scoring system, they keep the edge open, and they score accordingly, in worst case senario, DPR can follow that..

Shall I need to write and explain everything here in detail? then I have to claim money from DPR :))

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