Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

Ok. I couldn't resist a black Caplio RX which was sold inexpensively on Just hope that the seller agree to ship it to Sweden.

Seems like a somewhat downscaled GRDI or GX, with smaller sensor, smaller widest aperture, and no aperture-priority. While the GRDI is smaller the RX is still marginally smaller than the first GX and GX8. I'll have to remember to set WB to cloudy for outdoor use as it according to at least one user-review struggle with blue color cast, probably in a similar way as my 500SE randomly can produce a slight purple cast if AWB are used.

Managed to save an other RX with bad sensor in an other auction from being trashed. Told the seller about the Info notice regarding the ccd and he then removed the auction, hopefully to get the camera repaired and let it see some more use

I don't think he's a member here on Dpreview. At least I don't know of any active users of the RX. Anyway I hope he has some better luck with that Convar service than what I experienced.

If that R2 had had a better copy of that zoom I would probably have taken it with me for a longer cycly-trip today but it will stay at home. The GRDI is to follow with me as almost always of course and also the 500SE or the Minolta Dimage EX wide. Tough to decide what one and none of the last two have seen much use so far this year although both are nice to use though slightly bulky.

I've mostly carried and used the GRDI and the Coolpix 950 which also performs nicely, after some tweaking with different settings so that it performs as it should. Both handling-wise and also for image quality.

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