D4 - how long of a wait?

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Re: D4 - how long of a wait?

Sounds like you ordered in middle of April?

By then it was already evident that many first day pre-orders from January were still waiting. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't still unfilled pre-orders at some vendors still waiting today.

Based on personal experience & those reported from others I suggest, since you are asking, that you not retain a passive role depending on waiting for your choice of vendor to process through all orders and possible pre-orders in front of you in the waiting list & rather suggest you actively seek a unit on your own.

This approach has apparently been much more successful: e.g. I cancelled my pre-order at said vendor due to the repeated warning emails that strongly hinted at the problem many are still apparently caught up in waiting. I switched to Amazon because they "promised" delivery by a certain date. They failed to do so & so I cancelled that order.

I went looking for myself & within a week ordered from Best Buy on-line within minutes of them opening up orders for the D4, and it was delivered as promised.
Been using my D4 since March.

I think how long you have to wait is more up to you than anything else.

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