Nikon AF 24mm F2.8 non-D versus D. Have you used both?

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Re: Nikon AF 24mm F2.8 non-D versus D. Have you used both?

Hi Schafe - I've been using a 24mm f/2.8 AF non-D for about six years. Previously it was on a D700, now a D800. Prior to digital I used the AI 24mm f2/8 with the film bodies. I have not tried the D version.

From my experience I would say it is 'adequate' but it has problems. The images taken with my lens seem to lack acutance or 'punch' although the detail seems to be there - almost a soft focus effect. It doesn't seem to go away completely even with stopping down to f/8 or f/11, although it reduces. My 50mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.8 have lots of contrast in comparison.

Looking at my D800 files make me think that it has trouble with spherical aberration, especially towards the edges. I generally have to add some Clarify filter to match the look of my other lenses, and this is not always ideal. There is also some linear distortion - not a big deal though and easily corrected in Lightroom.

I think it is a perfectly usable lens for film but I would rate it 2.5 or 3 out of 5 for modern Nikon DSLRs. (Keep in mind that I found the Canon EF 28 f/1.8 even worse.) Film, perhaps 3.5 to 4 out of 5. For personal work it's fine but sometimes the results are too rubbish for commercial clients. I am considering some kind of upgrade but undecided as to which one.

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