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Re: The dirty little secret of batteries

Larry Winters wrote:
Hi Bill:

You know what they say about the tolerance of reformed smokers . . . Some people are fumblers and bumblers. I don't happen to have that problem with my AA batteries unless I wear mittens. I think that maybe you should start a chapter of AAA (AA's Anonymous). I know of at least one HS30 sale that Fuji lost because of the switch to Li-Ion batteries.

To each their own, but personally I wouldn't let a Li-Ion vs. AA battery stop me from buying a quality camera like the HS30.

Ahhh, DPR is finally letting me reply (I mentioned the problem in my previous reply). No, it wouldn't stop me either, if there were no new HS20 and HS25 cameras available, but given a choice where there's not a major difference in image quality but the price of the HS20 is substantially less than the HS30, I have no lust in my heart for the HS30.

With the current move to lighter and smaller all AA cams will be gone eventually, plus the greed factor of aftermarket sales will swallow the lone AA survivors. The AA's will always have a place somewhere, just not with digital cameras.

Possibly, but I've been hearing that same refrain for years and years and years. lf that ever comes to pass, I'll simply switch to film.

Just kidding!

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