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Re: Run Away

I have read the list the bride gave you, and most of what she asked would be included in any wedding shot by a competent photographer.

BUT , weddings are not run like a military campaign and you may not be able to get all her shots for reasons beyond your control/

Since she has put her requirements in writing and if you do not meet them all and have agreed to her list

she will more than likely want financial compensation.

Unless she signs an agreement that she accepts you will do your best but aren't liable for

situations beyond your control.

Eg. Bad weather.

lateness of participants,bad make up. people fainting , flat tires , not being allowed access on planned location because of Chinese government VIPs visiting the spot,family arguments,car getting locked in the church car park,

Catering not being cooperative with photographer.spraining ankle; drunk and unruly guests/bridal party, bush fires , power blackouts etc etc .I think that is all I have had go wrong in the last 20 or so years.

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