17-40mm f4 L at 17mm vs 11-16mm f2.8 Tokina at 16mm (on full frame)

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Don't send that 17-40 in yet!

Matty W wrote:

Yes, my camera has micro adjust. Not that I have any idea how to use it...

The 17-40mm in question (with a pending $200 repair) is acceptable around 40mm, regular medium bad around 24mm, and dreadful at 17mm. By far the worst lens I've ever used, much worse than old Rebels' respective kit lenses. It definitely has back focus problems of some sort, but that's trivial compared with how terrible it is even when I focus manually in live view.

Don't send in that 17-40 YET!!!!!

I'm serious, it sounds just like a problem many 17-40's had that was solved by micro adjust. You are having focus issues, period, and the 17-40 is susceptible to poor focus at one end. Save your $200!!!!

Mine was like yours until I micro adjusted it. Please follow the instructions here for the tethered micro focus adjust method:

Scroll down to the bottom and "Arash Hazeghi's method":


Micro focus adjust your lens at 40mm, 17mm and 24mm. Keep it the best for whatever focal length you use most, OR, average the adjustment + - and input that into your camera body (what camera are you using)?

This is fixable via micro focus adjust, trust me. You're 17-40L will be razor sharp after this.

It seems like a complicated process but it's not. After I did this, my 17-40 was just about as sharp as my 50 prime.

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