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Re: The dirty little secret of batteries

alexisgreat wrote:

Thanks Bill! So these new eneloops are better than the first generation? 1500 charges?! These could easily last for 30 yrs!

I guess, but the these are sure to be more charge cycles than most people will get, because that kind of life requires ideal usage. As long as batteries aren't abused, they should last many years, but I'd probably toss them by the time they reach 10 years if they last that long. Just a few minutes ago I discovered that a battery set went bad in one of my Panasonic portable phones. It uses 2 AAA batteries and when I removed them (which I hadn't done since I bought the phones many years ago) and put them in a charger, one of the two was rejected by the charger within a couple of seconds. That's definitely an abused battery. It was from one of the rarely used phones that I discovered a couple of months ago with dead batteries in it. It had gotten dislodged from the charging base and probably had gone several months without a charge. I don't mind much because now I can replace the Panasonic 600ma batteries with a couple of higher capacity eneloop AAAs that came with that boxed set that I showed you the other day. If I don't knock that phone out of the base it'll probably last more than 10 years. The last time I had to replace phone batteries was with a previous Sony cordless phone whose proprietary NiCad battery pack died after about 8 years.

Im just going to use my LaCrosse charger. I got the HS20 specifically because it does RAW and uses AA batteries----- a combo hard to find! So all the major manufacturers make these hybrids now? Im on Long Island.

They've been making them almost as long as Sanyo's eneloops. RayOVac's Hybrids were the second I saw, and I got a bunch from Circuit City about 6 months to a year after the eneloops were introduced, which would be about 6 years ago. This review written Jan. 2007 mentions Sanyo's eneloops, RayOVac's Hybrids, and the pre-charged batteries from Kodak and Duracell. Unlike Fuji, Kodak included their pre-charged AAs and a charger with some of their cameras. The HS20 is looking like a more attractive HS10 upgrade than the HS25 and HS30 so it may soon have a younger sibling to join it in my Classic Camera Museum.



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