My full review of the new X2 is up!

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Re: My full review of the new X2 is up!

Great review, excellent pictures. Like a breadth of fresh air a camera review made by an actual photographer and not a gear head

So, it seems that the usability is finally there - i.e. The camera does not hinder the photographic exoerience in any way, unlike the x1 which had terribly slow af. Would you say this camera can be used for street photography?

I know you said you found the x100 intolerable in its slowness and quirky operation. Are you talking about the x100 when it was first launched, or with the newer 1.20 firmware? I have one and the af speed seems pretty decent and very accurate with latest firmware - comparable to a panasonic gf1 maybe, maybe a tad faster, all i can say is that af doensn't seem like a major problem now. The camera still has weird quirks like occassional hangups or slow startup, now THOSE are irritanting. Would you say the x2 is better rounded than the x100 with regards to general usability and operation?

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