DP2 Merrill will be released in July

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Re: DP2 Merrill will be released in July

Hi Joerg,

I was surprised by the announcement of the price being inline with the current DP's, but it was one of the owners of the company i was speaking to, not a staff member making up stories on the show floor.

I was keen to have a play with the SD1, they had it on display but they didn't have ANY lenses in SA mount at the show!!! I had my SD14 with Leica mount so i couldn't even use my lens, i had the impression that i was the 1st person to enquire about the SD1 as there was very little knowledge about the camera from the staff, only the owner was conversant with the Sigma bodies.

The interest in the Canon 5DIII and Nikon D800 was incredible, queues of people lining up for a look, the SD1 didn't register on many peoples radar.

If this pricing is accurate, i will be buying a DP2m then probably jump to a D800E as i don't think there is a FF Foveon in Sigmas roadmap.


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