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Re: Thank her for being the informative customer

Marco forgive me but I used to shoot fashion and while I did deal with designers who are not always knowledgable about the mechanics of photography they at least have some aesthetic sensibility.

Most of the time I worked with an art director. In fact 99% of the time there was an art director or creative on set. Now don't get me wrong... this has it's own set of troubles but I have never had a client come on set with product, models, makeup, boards and layouts that did not know and did not communicate to me exactly what they wanted before hand.

In the case of the OP's "list" most of that list can be knocked off with some simple up front explanations. I can see where the client was being a pain but I am sure they knew how to handle it. It would take any good wedding photographer 10 minutes to sit the client down, reassure them and explain why the list "wasn't truly necessary, but thank you".

marcio_napoli wrote:

Hey guys, excuse me for being the sfincter one here. Sorry in advance.

But... I kind agree with that customer.

It's good that you, at least, have a customer that knows what her want.

You see... I shoot fashion, and I work in a market that is devoided of any real technical or artistic education.

My clients are as dumb as Hell, and almost the only thing that drives customers to my email is word of mouth indication.

And the only judgement these clients have when analysing one's work is pure gut feeling.

No, they don't have any formal, artistic or technical education. They just like one's work, or don't.

They don't know why they like. They don't know why they dislike. It's simple as that.

Just pure gut feeling.

I've lost customers in the past, just because they weren't smart enough to understand proper photography.

They disapproved my work, and didn't even know why they did that.

So, if I had a client that knows what she's demanding, I think I'd say "hey, that's actually great".

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