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Re: The dirty little secret of batteries

Billx08 wrote:

You didn't mention the Canon model, but Canon's batteries are usually well supported by clone battery manufacturers and their prices are pretty low. The same goes for old Fuji batteries that are used in many cameras (think NP-95, NP-50, etc.) But Fuji charges a lot more for the new battery used by the HS30, and it's a good bet that it won't be available for anything like $5 from the clone manufacturers.

Good point - I assumed that the HS30 would use a battery like one that was already available and thus would probably be low-priced already.

You do tend to hyperbole when it comes to the AA batteries that previous replies show you almost loathe.

Ehh, maybe not so much really. The OP stated that he loved his new AA charger which has 'all sorts of neat little options'. The lith ion chargers I've had all did one thing - you plugged the charger onto the wall outlet, stuck the battery in place, and when the light turned green the battery was charged. No options or modes or LCD readouts or buttons, no power bricks or cords, just a charged battery. That is what i mean about not having a battery hobby.

Nobody says that you have to spend more than $10 or $15 to get a good, reliable and simple NiMH charger, and based on the number of shots most people take on average, they might have to charge a set of AA batteries once every 2 to 4 months, hardly a hobby that's all time-consuming.

But if you buy a camera that runs on lith ions it comes with a charger, which is nice.

That amounts to between 3000 and 6000 photos per year. Many photographers don't even shoot that many, and some of them could get by on only one or two sets of alkaline batteries per year, and then they wouldn't even need a charger.

Very true. Just curious, don't alkalines have some issues regarding the ability to deliver current or steady voltage, something like that which makes them less than an ideal choice? I though I had heard something about that.

I used to be a staunch insister on AA battery power but having moved beyond that there is no way I'm turning back to fumbling with AA's.

You know what they say about the tolerance of reformed smokers . . .   Some people are fumblers and bumblers. I don't happen to have that problem with my AA batteries unless I wear mittens. I think that maybe you should start a chapter of AAA (AA's Anonymous). I know of at least one HS30 sale that Fuji lost because of the switch to Li-Ion batteries.

Yeah - I'm a reformed smoker (about 12 years now) and and AA Anonymous member for about 5 1/2 years. I find it a lot easier to drop in one battery that latches itself in place than trying to determine which end is which if it's dark, for example.

I don't know whether Fuji has lost 1 or 1000 sales of HS30's due to the new battery but I would consider it now, if I were in the market for a bridge camera. With AA's, I wouldn't.

AA's have some very good uses, I'm not saying they don't, but I have enjoyed photography a lot better with a camera that runs on something else.

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