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Tim: tedolf my heartfelt advice to you

I was pushed off a cliff as a 6 year old child and the injury got worse and worse. I became disabled at age 57. But that does not mean I should just give up on my life. I suffer from degenerative disk disease in my neck, not dimentia. But the visable signs are very close. When I'm in so much pain that I have trouble thinking-that's when my posts are off. But I can't control the pain and I refuse to just sit back and not be involved in life. So I post, and suffer the thoughtless insults from a very few individuals from time to time, when they read a post of mine that bothers them.

During my last few years on the job as an engineer there were those who did indeed pick on me. At the time I did not understand my illness. But the few who made fun of me could be counted upon to do the same to anyone that they thought they could get away with that kind of behavior. It seems like that's much the same here as well.

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

Peter Nelson wrote:

I hope that Tim in Upstate notices your new methods and that you and he can work together in helping forum members learn and improve. After all from what I have seen in two years is that is actually what you both are earnestly trying to do.
One 62 year old mans heartfelt opinon. -Peter

. . . Your dementia at only 62 years is scaring the hell out of me since I'm only about ten weeks away from 62 myself.

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