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The Jacal wrote: tedolf my heartfelt advice to you

Wow, simply WoW!

The Jacal wrote:

Peter Nelson wrote:

tedolf I am happy to see you posting again and not from the dead! Please continue to be involved here. I wish you the best of luck. I would suggest that you still be true to your inner self as I am absolutly certain you will be. But I will add, if you don't mind, that this resent experience here has tempered you just enough that you can get along better with others while you remain true to your self. I hope that you have learned that your opinions are welcomed, it's just that you should be mindfull of others and how they take your replies. You have in the past been somewhat "gruff" and tough. So what I am saying is please be certain from now on to not only express your opinions honestly as you always do (tough is ok- "gruff" should not be used), but to remember to do this in such a way that people can feel that what you wrote was sound, good constructive comments (the tough) and not rash, personnal, insulting etc (the "gruff"). You will be able to get along with people much better if you respect them .

If only you listened to your own advice.

I hope that Tim in Upstate notices your new methods and that you and he can work together in helping forum members learn and improve. After all from what I have seen in two years is that is actually what you both are earnestly trying to do.
One 62 year old mans heartfelt opinon. -Peter

I sometimes think that there are two people who use your account, then I realise that the spelling is always atrocious, so it must be only one. I guess it depends on the amount of lithium.

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