5DIII vs D800

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5DIII vs D800

The 5DIII can do invertal photography via external trigger. Canon DSLRs have done this for years. It doesn't need to be built into the camera.

The Nikon D800's custom function sets do not work. That is a well known problem. Nikon chose to degrade this feature - which it did very well in the D7000.

The complaint about the ISO range for video on the Nikon being greater than the Canon is misplaced. The only additional advantage for the Nikon is at the low end where it can go to ISO 50, where the Canon goes down to ISO 100. This is a nothing difference.

The Nikon D800 has a yellowish LCD. This makes it difficult if not impossible to gauge the correctness of your photo exposure and color balance when you review it in the field. This is a big problem with the D800 for usability.

Overall, each is a great camera with some flaws.

The choice boils down to the type of photography one does and one's photographic skills and technique.

The Nikon D800/D800e clearly has the best IQ and resolution of any DSLR today. However, the photos will ended up looking the same as the Canon 5DIII if you do not have patience, strict best technique, and best lenses, and a heavy tripod. Lens exposures need to be limited to the larger apertures since the diffraction from smaller apertures will cause diffraction which reduces resolution - thus you are limited to an aperture lf less than f/8, often f/5.6.

If one uses the Nikon in any other way, then the photos will look a lot like the Canon 5DIII.

The D800/D800e was built for Fine Art Photographers. These photographers are use to printing 50-inch photos. They are completely raving about the D800 and how they can replace their much more expensive medium format camers with the D800e.

The 5DIII has the distinct advantage of shooting at a faster rate. It is clearly better than the D800 for action photos, for candid photos, for family photos, for kid photos, for spontaneous photography. It is great for snapshots.

The Canon 5DIII clearly is built more for the general public's style of photography.

But then, for those MEN who have fragile egos, the Nikon's 36 megapixels matters when size matters.

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