ZS20 / TZ30 - Low Light and getting round the loss of 'Starry Sky'?

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Re: ZS20 / TZ30 - Low Light and getting round the loss of 'Starry Sky'?

I have a ZS19 (ZS20 without GPS) and I, too, was sorry to see 30 & 60 second, yet, in practice I rarely used it.

The "Handheld Low Light" Might do the trick for you: It takes 3 shots in a very rapid burst, and combines them into one that apparently has a lot less "dreaded noise" than would otherwise be the case. I've only used it once and I don't think I held the camera very still, and a woman walked through the scene:

I'm planning a trip and really don't have time just now to do the experiment that would illustrate how all this works - perhaps someone else will. I'd love to see the results.

Bear in mind, though, that de-noise programs exist (XiMagic, free, for PC, and Topaz Denoise, not free, for Mac. The amount of noise control is spectacular:
Noisy Original:
Denoised (both applications equally good):

This may do the job for you.

Please let us know if you find this OK, or find a workaround. Because many of us would like to know

I still have a ZS6, ZS3 & my wife's TZ5 with full 60 seconds exposure.

Actually, the TZ1 & TZ3 are remarkably inexpensive now, and offer the full 60 sec.

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