Recommendations? D3200 or D5100? also lens question...

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Re: Recommendations? D3200 or D5100? also lens question...

heartless500 wrote:

I never really consdiered the D90 because of budget (under $1000 US). Yes, I would like to have one, but finances wont allow something of that caliber at this time.

The price of theD5100 - for body & kit lens - is the same as the D90 - body only .
Add a good lens to the D90 and it goes a fair bit over my meager budget.

I'd like to note a small, but not insignificant point: you could also consider used models. I was all set to pick up a D5000, but the local chain node refused to price match - but the rep noted a few good dealers that handled used models. A few days later, I bought a D90 with under 3,000 actuations for not much more than the (new) D5000 body.

Ultimately, you'll be served well by any of these choices - it's hardly a life-changing decision, beyond getting one . ^ ^

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