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Re: Want to have a laugh?

I see a customer who read someplace on the internet that she should include all that stuff about shadows and lamp posts in a letter to the photographer so that she would have something to cover her @ss with in case the photos suck. That way she can show this letter to Judge Judy and say "look your honor I straight up told him not to do that."

The only proper response to this list is an equally pedantic list back to the customer, telling her the exact script you will follow at the wedding in order to get all the shots she wants. And if this script is not followed to the letter, if you are not given full control to direct activities with authority, then either A) you won't do the job, or B) she needs to revise her list. Also as noted by others you can now tell her exactly how much it will cost her to get all the photos she wants.

Then, at the trial, you can spend your time productively arguing about the meaning of the word "suck" as it pertains to wedding photography, and if she did indeed give you the authority to script and direct events of the day, and whether a candid shot outside the courthouse should or should not include the lamp post sticking out of Aunt Betty's head.

Good luck. I aint sayin you won't need it.

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