another open letter to Sigma

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Re: I hate Cray analogies...

Who was it who said, "The computer you want always costs $2500." Somebody back in the 90's said that, I think it was the guy who owned Borland software.


As it happens, an iMac configured to your exact specs (16GB) costs $2500 out the door.

I recently built my own computer that roughly matches your specs (12gb, quad core i7, nvidea 470, blah blah blah..). I did it for just about $1500 and that includes a 24" monitor and I did not skimp on the case (HAF-X). I think today you could get the same components for $1000-$1200 (they would be middle of the road now, not cutting edge performance).

But wait there's more: Soon I will upgrade the ram in this piece'a cr@p to 24GB. Total cost for this upgrade? $69.

Through direct experience, I can tell you this machine is wayyyy overkill for the task, which is to work on scans of my 4x5 film with CS5. These files are hundreds of megabytes, and even today with its paltry 12gb, the machine eats them for lunch by the handful. And yes of course I do all this while "Multitasking", yes I often work on my photos while playing DOOM. DOESN'T EVERYBODY?! LOL, "multitasking", gimmee a break.

Anyway, as usual, reality is someplace in between. I don't think you could build an i7 with 12GB in a decent case for $800 today, but it certainly isn't much more than that. And it isn't hard at all to beat the iMac price, but then you don't get to say you own an Apple product. And the iMac does have a 27" monitor capable of 2560x1440, which is way higher than garden variety 27" monitors at newegg -- that one item adds significantly to the price.

On a final note, I have to add my $0.02 that these "open letter to Sigma" threads crack me up. Sigma is the Commodore Amiga of digital cameras.

(sorry if this is a duplicate post, got an application error on the first try)

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