Found in Canon forum,exactly why investing in E-mount lens is the safest for future

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you missed my recommendation of COLLAPSIBLE lens

RussellInCincinnati: APS-C sensor is plenty small enough to make a real small camera out of. Am thinking of the 50 gram new Pentax 40/2.8 lens, it's all of 9mm long. Imagining it as collapsible .

Catalin: You are ignoring the reality. The flange depth of the Pentax K-01 is 45.46mm while on the NEX is 18mm. So please add 27.6mm to the "whole 9mm" and you will get a lens of 36.6mm in order to be able to be fitted on the NEX.

You are ignoring the part of my post where I wrote about IMAGINING A COLLAPSIBLE lens. Yes, IF a company trying to come out with ultra-low-profile lenses did not make the lens as retrofocus, the Nex lens would have to be 28mm longer than the Pentax's 9mm IN THE TAKING POSITION. Again, am imagining as wildly popular a decent, say, 30mm-40mm prime lens that CAN COLLAPSE to something as flat as the latest 9mm long Pentax XS SMC DA 40/2.8 lens IN THE TRANSPORT position. Mechanically difficult, but ye gods, large format cameras do it, Leica does it, u43 folks do it, and look how hideously complex mechanically are many a zoom/stabilized/internally focus lens.

Catalin: Laws of physics...sorry for you.

Would prefer to harken back to the laws of the Forum, as in be sure to read before responding.

Catalin: NEX will always be (quite a lot) bigger than m43,

Wow, because the Nex sensor is a whole 7mm wider than a micro 4/3 sensor, and we're talking about camera bodies that are about 110mm wide, and micro 4/3 bodies are already no smaller than say a Nex C3, you just can't see the slightest possibility of Nex cameras being less than "quite a lot bigger" than micro 4/3 camera. Even though a Nex C3 camera body is already smaller than any micro 4/3 body you can name, " Nex will always be quite a lot bigger ".

Catalin: and the E-M5 proves that m43 can have essentially the same image quality in a smaller total package (camera + lens).

Yes, you can come up with "total package" sizes that are smaller right now on micro four thirds, because there are right now some smaller (often not so great, just as with the Nex) lenses for m43. But the topic here is that Sony et al have not yet focused on bringing out a lot of tiny APS-C lenses, even though for example Pentax/Samsung indeed has, showing it can be done with some commitment and creativity and perhaps collapsible designs. It will be less research-intensive to bring out smaller lenses for APS-C than it will be to wring the same performance out of a significantly smaller sensor. By the way, the 135 gram Sigma APS-C lenses are the same size when used on u43.

Catalin: It's just going to be like one more year until Olympus develops an E-PM2 - like with the E-M5 sensor (maybe IBIS too), and then it's game over.

Sure, it's much more likely to you that much smaller sensors can be developed with the same image quality, as it is that APS-C manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, Pentax etc can figure out how to make really small and light APS-C lenses. Even though the lens trick has already been done. I.e. it's just a marketing decision that Sony hasn't bothered to churn out more pancakes. It's not nearly as hard for Sony (Samsung/Pentax) to decide to turn out smaller APS-C lenses, as as it is for u43 and other smaller-sensor camera makers to evade the laws of quantum physics you're concerned with obeying.

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