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Re: Getting carried away

Chato wrote:

dbld49 wrote:


I've spent time in North Carolina, and many of the people there are generous, good natured, and pretty damned ignorant. I've got a lot of friends there, and there's no point in getting carried away...


I love my life in North Carolina. Calling many of the people pretty damned ignorant is pretty damned ignorant.

Truth hurts?

You gotta be pretty "damn ignorant' if you don't run out of town a preacher who demands that all Gays and Lesbians be rounded up and put in concentration camps.

But I liked the people down there. The only Gay People they "see" are Queens and Tranvestites on television. Gay people do NOT come out in the Back country of North Carolina.

I don't give a shat what that preacher thinks. It's his opinion, not everyone in the state. I thought I'd seen gay people around here, but it must've been on TV, according to someone with so much knowledge about North Carolinians.

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