Tethering tools table for MacBook 17"?

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Re: Tethering tools table for MacBook 17

Not wanting to sound cynical (or even obvious) here, but surely by balancing your laptop on a table mounted to a stand, then tethering that to your camera, is it not likely, that if you hand hold the camera there is a good chance that you pull over the stand, and your laptop? I would recommend something el-cheepo but more substantial - with perhaps 4 legs (from Ikea maybe!)

Incidentally, I watched a fashion shoot last year in a town square in Evissa (Ibiza town) and the tog had his laptop bolted to a portable table. Well I presume this is what it was, as the table had a black cloth attached all around the table edges where he plunged his head inside every now and again - I presume he was looking at his images on a laptop on that table top using the blanket to create the darkness (either that or he had discovered a miracle solution to aleviate migraines!). This was literally a trestle type table with folding legs, and I'm guessing he was wirelessly (un-tethered) connected to the laptop as I didn't see him pull a card out of the camera at any point.

Cheers, Paul

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