Advice for being "chief photographer" during a family reunion

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Re: Advice for being "chief photographer" during a family reunion

Excellent advice.

I'd look at renting a 18-200 or similar lens that is more versatile. Nothing like the shots you get that look close up but are from far away, plus if the background is far enough out of the focal plane the background blur makes the focused part appear just that much sharper. And it will be much easier to catch people on rides from farther away given the longer reach.

I'm also a firm believer in the rapid burst mode shutter in these situations. Instead of trying to capture that perfect moment and ending up with "ugly eyes" that occur when they're half closed, you get a range of the moment to choose from and a much better chance that you get good shots with eyes open or fully closed instead of that awkward in-between phase.

I don't know if I agree with the jpeg only. It doesn't take much in lightroom to adjust raw files for those shots that would otherwise have been awesome but were taken outside of the jpeg's ability to be adjusted afterwards. Only you know your tolerance for personal satisfaction, or lack thereof, at getting or missing the shot. Especially if missing the shot was only because you decided to save a couple hours of your time.


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