Problem with pocketwizard and speedlights

Started May 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Problem with pocketwizard and speedlights

I'm not sure if this question belongs on the Canon Forum or the Lighting Forum.

I am shooting with a Canon5dMk2 with two Canon 580Ex speedlights.

The speedlights are triggered with pocket wizards and the camera has a pocket wizard in the hot shoe. Everything seems to work fine under this scenario. The lights fire and the shot is properly lit.

Every now and then I have a need to trigger the shutter remotely.

For this I use a Remote shutter release adapter similar to the PocketWizard CM-N3-P .

When I am shooting with just ambient light the remote shutter release (cabled to pocket wizard) works fine. The shutter trips and I get my shot.

When I try to use the remote shutter release with the speedlights the lights don't show up. The shutter triggers and the lights flash but the lights don't show up in the shot.

I don't think it is a sync speed issue because I am well under 1/200sec.

The Amazon description for the Pocket Wizard remote shutter release says:

"When enabled, the camera behaves as if the camera's shutter release button were held half-pressed continuously. This makes the camera respond more quickly........"

Is there a way to trigger remotely with a pocket wizard and still get the speedlights to show up?

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