Interesting Debate and Review of D800E vs Leica M Monochrom

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Re: Interesting Debate and Review of D800E vs Leica M Monochrom

esophoria wrote:

Some interesting insights....

as usual. i think ming does great 'real world' or photographer's reviews. he tends to focus on the final image and the camera's ability to deliver a file suitable for producing a final print, which is really what it's all about, as anyone who used to use the zone system or has read ansel adam's excellent series full well knows.

it also doesn't hurt that he's a very good photographer and that his sample photos are drastically better than the normal testing fare.

the two cameras appear to be quite an even match. i've always liked a lower contrast approach and shot a lot of astia for colour in the film days. for lenses, that approach was exemplified by leica and minolta with their rokkors, whereas zeiss, canon and nikon exemplified the dink-out contrast approach. digital changed that with the ability to do so much more in post...i'd be interested to work with some files from both to see if some of that extra contrast in the nikon made much of a difference or could be dealt with.

regardless, i really do like leica for its size and operational simplicity and stealth but i simply can't justify the ridiculous cost and the even more ridiculous wait times for delivery of new lenses. happy to see the nikon/45p combo hold it's own for about 1/3 the cost. also great to see that leica is delivering some interesting, specialized enthusiast cameras. good time to be a photographer, especially one with money, it seems

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