AF speeds on DSLR vs. Mirrorless, and is live view optional?

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Re: AF speeds on DSLR vs. Mirrorless, and is live view optional?

erang42 wrote:

I'm looking into moving up from a P&S to either DSLR or Mirrorless 4/3 (in the sub-$1000 range). This is for photographing my anticipated first child, where I believe speed (AF speed, shutter lag, etc.) and quality will be important.

I read that using live view on a DSLR hurts the AF speed. But on cameras that have live view, is it an option that can be turned off?

If they are a DSLR and contain a viewfinder, then yes, it can be turned off. In fact, thats the default mode of operation. Using a big DSLR with live view handheld is ungainly and awkward.

Also, any advice on deciding between DSLR or mirrorless? Is the AF (or shutter lag) on mirrorless significantly slower than DSLR? Are these latencies written in the specs somewhere so I can compare on paper?

The specs, even if written down, are basically impossible to compare. A mirrorless like an OM-D for instance will do great AF speed without a phase detect system, as long as you aren't shooting bursts and require subject tracking (it does ok, but not stellar).


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