70-200 2.8L non-IS

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Re: 70-200 2.8L non-IS

xxxpongxxx wrote:

re image quality, how much better is the 2.8 IS v2 compared to this one?

Since I don't have any basis for answering the first question, I'll go straight to the second.

The "how much better" question can be a different one to quantify. The first thing to understand very clearly is that all of the Canon 70-200mm L zooms are exceptional lenses. With that in mind, it may make no sense at all to worry about a tiny, insignificant increment of some form of "better-ness" when all of the options are great. It makes more sense to think about the things that actually are different, such as cost, maximum aperture, IS or not, weight, and so on.

The new f/2.8 II version is purportedly better than that older version of that lens. However, you will almost certainly never actually see any visible manifestations of this better-ness unless you shoot in some very particular ways and perhaps make quite large prints and then inspect them with a magnifying lens.

I have copies of both the IS and non-IS versions of the f/4 lens, and both are among the highest resolution lenses I own. I can produce excellent 24" x 36" prints using either lens.


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