15-85 + 70-200 f/4 L (non-IS) seem like a good pair for T3i?

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Re: 15-85 + 70-200 f/4 L (non-IS) seem like a good pair for T3i?

I have the 15-85mm & 70-200mm f4 non IS for my 7D. I can't say enough about how good these two lenses are and how well they cover 99% of my shooting needs. The 15-85mm is just a wonderfully useful lens. Yes the IS version of the 70-200mm f4 would be better. But give some long thought to how you will use it before spending the extra money. For me, I decided that at the longer focal lengths I tend to use a tripod. Also, the 7D (and I am sure the T3i as well) are so good with the ISO bumped up a little that you can get fast enough shutter speeds to help keep things sharp. In fact, I just shot a wedding yesterday and used the 70-200mm at f4 indoors with no flash and an ISO of 500 for a number of candid shots and they are all sharp as a tack and darn near noise free. I am sure the same results can be had with the T3i.

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