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perhaps she has vaild concerns?

Could be they've seen wedding pics of their friends, those that spent $500 for the soccermom/collegekid 'pro wedding photog' and are now getting nervous that they're gonna get the same thing.

Since the OP is working sublet to another studio I see the potential for redflags - the bride paid for X and is getting Y - a 'strange' (to her) photographer whose work she may not have seen, or is perhaps wary that what she did see isn't his. This fear has a very real basis in fact as many studios sublet weddings (I did it once - never again. A friend tried it with equally bad results).

As others have pointed out - she may be a bridezilla, or knowing what she wants can make your job easier. Nothing worse than hearing about it after the fact 'why didn't you do X, Y and Z?' and you tell them "You saw my samples. Did you see any shots like that? Flowers on the train is so 1980s and not something I do unless specifically requested, I asked our 12 times 'anything else' and you said nothing so how was I to know Aunt Mary was important?" etc.

I've never had a problem with a bride that gave me a list -but I also tell them 'it's a live event and i'll do my best, but if aunt mary leaves early I can't do anything about it'.
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