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Re: Agree - Nothing seems to be right...

Spiridakis Michael wrote:

Simply is a bad picture... I have 100ets of them in my HDrive... and one day (I think the day is close), I will send them to the recycle bin... The picture simply could be a little street drama... a little marvel, but as a photographer you didn't understood the place & the moment... It happens to the best families... so don't worry... be happy...

PhotOptimist wrote:

It would be nice if you could explain what I've missed.

Saying that an image is bad because the photographer didn't understand the place and the moment is a backhanded attack as well as mean-spirited and demeaning.

Photo, unless someone gives you viable feedback in a positive manner, just hit the 'flush' button because that's where this individual's comments belong.

Have you tried an HDR application on the image? Or B/W conversion? I tend to prefer the HDR's that have been taken the 'old-fashioned (proper)' way, but I have a plug-in that spins the effects and had a play. I prefer your original, but I post these to encourage you to see what you can further pull from the image. I also applied a tab of perspective.

As I stated earlier in this thread, the image does exhibit mood and it's not only due to the man framed in the window; its the dish covered in growth, the crumbling building, the double steps, the flag - and that classic withering door.

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