Anyone who owns D700 also owns X-pro 1, is it worth it,......

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Re: Anyone who owns D700 also owns X-pro 1, is it worth it,......


wchutt wrote:

Syracuse wrote:

So, is x-pro 1 worthy of the money ? Its image quality, bokeh, and obviously, the size and weight is worthy of the $3000 (x-pro 1, 35, 60) ? ....

I own two D700s, a X100 and a X-Pro 1. The XP1 is worth the money. I bought the 28/2 and the 35/1.4. The IQ and bokeh are excellent. The 35/1.4 is the most cost effective lens I ever bought. The ISO 3200 OOC jpegs are shockingly good. Unfortunately I can not make a direct comparison with the D700 IQ until Adobe Camera Raw supports the XP1.

However the Nikon and the Fuji require completely different methods of operation. The XP1 may not be worth the money because you may have to invest time to learn how to use it. Some people find this aspect of the XP1 frustrating. Others embrace the difference. If you focus and recompose with the D700 using AF, if you understand parallax error, and realize (and don't mind) switching between the EVF and OVF as needed, then the XP1 is worth every penny.

I used rangefinder film cameras for almost 4 years which made the X100/XP1 platform easy to learn. Even so, I had to understand how the X cameras behaved very differently in EVF and OVF modes.

While the D700 will always outperform the X100/XP1 for action photography, at this point in time they do not require 2 seconds to make a photograph. People photographed their children for decades before sophisticated technology made DSLR action photography fool proof.

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