Depth of Field on the M43 is in fact better not worse.....

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You gotta love these screwed up threads

BushmanOrig wrote:

Almost every second day one see comments made about the micro four-thirds and that its not so OK in the DOF department.....Is that true?



Hi Siegfried,

DOF is a factor depending on distance and the size of the aperture opening , not distance, focal length and "aperture" as you say in your article. Well, it is as you say as well but you are working with an undefined factor simply called aperture and that doesn't work.


Why stay a dog forever? You know better than endlessly repeat µ4/3 has more shallow DOF. What's the point by comparing situations never ever being a practical situation we find ourselves in when out taking images?

We don't have different sensors and one lens only in our bags. Lol.


As stated many a time by now by several posters here; the µ4/3 advantage is not DOF related in any way but to the size and weight (and sometimes) price of our camera bags when out shooting. Our friends FF users can do anything we can do and more, but either their backs are hurting or they limit themselves in some way, just as we do (minus the weight we have to carry).


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