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John Michael Winterbourne
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Re: 25k shutter count

My brother Gerry above said

"Other posters have mentioned shutter count. If you can get a file from the camera (which your friend can give you) use PhotoMe - which is a free download -
It's unlikely you can get a file from anyone selling online, though."

(Sorry, don't know how to do the coloured comment thingy)

I can't say anything about the K20D but I have a K10D on ebay at the moment. I'm not suggesting it as something that you may be interested, I'm just picking up on what Gerry said about it being unlikely to get a file from someone selling online. A reputable ebay seller would certainly try to do that for a potential buyer, and as soon as I've finished sending this I'm going to download PhotoMe, check the K10D's clicks and add them to the listing.

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