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Re: The dirty little secret of batteries

alexisgreat wrote:

Bill, remember when we had this discussion in the past about Li-ion vs the new NiMH batteries? The main issue with Li-ion (besides their proprietary nature and prices, which I find offensive) is the fact that no matter how often or how little you use them, within about 2 years (according to the site we had quoted) they will die and not be able to be charged again.

You have to be careful because 2 years may be well into the danger zone. One of the first Li-Ion batteries I bought (for the C-8080) had a note on the skimpy instruction sheet warnng that the batteries should be put back in the charger for at least 5 minutes every 6 months or so. Some can probably survive a year out of the charger without being damaged, but I recall at least a couple of people on a camera newsgroup several years ago complaining about batteries that couldn't be charged any more. IIRC, they had been in a drawer somewhere between 6 and 12 months without being used or charged.

With the newer hybrid batteries, not only can it hold a charge for over 1000 shots (mine lasted 1300 shots before a recharge was necessary) but these batteries can easily last over a decade as long as you fully discharge and recharge them. Plus I rather love the LaCrosse computerized LCD battery charger, which has all sorts of neat little options

I wanted to ask you about these newer batteries though: when will Hybrids completely replace the regular NiMhs? The only thing I find frustrating about them is they're not very easy to find.

Where do you live? I find them everywhere . Well, almost everywhere. I still have a set of Radio Shack's own pre-charged NiMH batteries, but they stopped selling them over a year ago. But all of the larger camera dealers in NY have them, and most of the stores like CVS, Rite-Aid, etc. sell Duracell's regular and pre-charged NiMH batteries. Best Buy also sells the pre-charged Duracells but their prices are pretty high.


I have two sets of 4 each and I would love to put them in all my devices that take AAs (two weather stations, computerized telescope, cordless mouse and keyboard, various remotes, etc.)

If I mentioned this eneloop kit before, B&H didn't have any in stock. Now they do. You may not need everything in the kit (especially the cheap charger), but the case is nice, the C and D cell adapters might be useful (I've put them to work) and as you can see from the photo, the new eneloops last much longer than the early versions.


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