HS30 Battery Life

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Re: HS30 Battery Life

I have a confession to make here. I wish I could crawl into my time machine (it's in the shop right now getting a maintenance tune-up) and go back to the minute I posted this and go get a drink of water instead.

The battery is fine. I just ran it through its first drain and I got hundreds of photos out of it. The problem was I put the battery in twisted backwards. Most of the Li batteries I have used in the past have very easy to line up contact points. This one doesn't, and without thinking (and without noticing the painted arrow on the side of the battery) I flipped it around so the contact points were not aligning with whatever they align to. No power.

I have never had a problem with off-brand batteries and I buy a back-up with every camera I own (and that has been quite a few.) How can Fuji justify a $70 price for something someone can reproduce and make a profit on at $15?

Problem solved. And yes, I punished myself extensively for not paying attention. Today is the first day in a week I'm allowing myself bread and water.

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