Should SR be on or off shooting video with K-5

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Re: Should SR be on or off shooting video with K-5

I'm no pro shooter, but SR is awesome at the focal lengths I use it at. Its very effective. I've used it between 18-150mm. It smooths out hand held shake dramatically. Btw, I use the K-x.

However, the SR mechanism gets louder and louder as the focal length increases. Even at wider angles, the sound is fairly loud. If you're planning on not recording sound, SR is great. But if you're using the in camera mic... well... I hope the K-5's SR isn't as loud as the K-x's.

That's my opinion. Honestly, it doesn't sound like you need an opinion. You should test it yourself and you can be your own judge. For my needs, SR has no detriments other than sound. Stability is improved dramatically, panning looks smoother, tracking looks smoother. Its great.

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