Nex-C3 gets red noise in High ISO. Is it normal?

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Re: Nex-C3 gets red noise in High ISO. Is it normal?

D Cox wrote:

The very high ISO settings on digital cameras are achieved by underexposing, then boosting up the image in software. This is bound to increase noise, as did similar methods on film.

I think anything above 800 involves software on a NEX, but naturally the higher you go the more noise will show. The aim in sensor design is to keep the noise level before boosting down as much as possible.

Try downloading the demo version of Neat Image. This sometimes gives very good results in reducing noise. The limitation of the demo is that it will save only JPGs, not TIFFs.

Thank for your detail explanation of how the ISO work. But i think high ISO cause high noise and less details, it shouldnt turn the colour of the whole picture more pinky (just like take a photo through a pink transparent paper :)).
Anyway, i will try out urs suggestion software.

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