Can't Shallow DOF Be 'Created' (Well) in PhotoShop?

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Automation and aperture braketing

You can try it manually, but in truth the result is a poor imitation of the real thing.

In an original shallow depth of field image is not simply that the entire background is universally out of focus, but rather it is progressive with points furthest from the focal plain the furthest from true focus.

To take every point in the frame and correctly defocus is just to time consuming to be practical.

Currently to perform the task correctly requires at least two bracketed images of the exact same scene with different depth of field. Then image processing can exaggerate the differences between the two images. Of course without the ability to both very quickly to change aperture and an exceedingly fast frame rate you need a very static subject or further image processing to correct for movement between frames.


whoodle wrote:

I'm not all that up on this discussion, as I haven't shot with a 'real' camera in years, so I never gave DOF a 2nd thought.

But if your aim is to create an image with a sharp subject with everything not in the focal plane a little blurry...isn't that easily accomplished in post-processing?

You 'lasso' your subjects & then blur the background....should be fine for anything up to 8"x10". I'd think they could easily create enough parameters/logorythms that you could make it look almost perfect, and/or creatively different/'better' than the way it occurs naturally.

Am I wrong?

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