Anyone who owns D700 also owns X-pro 1, is it worth it,......

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Re: Anyone who owns D700 also owns X-pro 1, is it worth it,......

Similarly to everyone else, I got the XP1 because the bulk/weight of the D700 was becoming an issue. I'm keeping the Nikon for the moment - although I'm selling all but a bare minimum of glass - because it is much faster and I wonder if I will need the speed on occasion.

AF speed aside, I find that the XP1 pictures are generally as sharp or shaper than the D700 and that it hits the right white balance much more consistently, particularly under difficult mixed lighting when the D700 will almost invariably get it wrong. Contrast etc is comparable - I love the contrast of the 50mm AFS on the Nikon and I get a similar feel using the 35mm on the Fuji.

Generally, I'm more likely to be happy with the Fuji JPEGs OOC than I am with the Nikon's - largely down to the D700's hit and miss WB - which translates into less time sitting in front of the computer editing. That plus the weight difference mean I'm much more likely to take the camera out and enjoy using it - which is precisely the outcome I was hoping for.

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