Anyone who owns D700 also owns X-pro 1, is it worth it,......

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Re: Anyone who owns D700 also owns X-pro 1, is it worth it,......

Thanks for your info. You are waiting for your D800E ? And you already have D700, XP1, and ,,,.., WOW ! So, if you were me, should I spend the $3000 on XP1(plus 35, 60 lenses) or D800E ? I am kind of feeling D700 plus bunch of lenses are heavy, but I like the dynamic range and sharpness of D800E. If you don't have XP1 now, which one do you want to buy ? Thanks.

javaone360 wrote:

I had owned D700, X-Pro1, X100, and GH2 before. I am now keeping the X-Pro1 and waiting on my D800E.

It is difficult to compare D700 and X-Pro1 now because X-Pro1 has no raw support yet.

I have processed some old pictures yesterday between D700, X100 and GH2. The D700 (FF)'s images are still much much better. (Best color, DR, low noise, sharpness, Bokeh). I believe it is because of the quality of the lenses and the sensor. 35/1.4, 70-200/2.8II, 135/2

X100's images are in the second place. (Good color, low noise and sharpness) The pictures are usually better composed because I cannot rush to take a picture by using the fix lens.

GH2's images are the worst compared to the above systems. (Color is flat, soft, and okay noise 1200 max, not so good Bokeh). My biggest disappointment of GH2 is the Bokeh and sharpness. 9-18, 45/1.8, 25/1.4

All of the images are processed by using raw in DxO 7.

My conclusion is that, I will not give up my FF camera because of the quality glasses available. I will use X-Pro1 as a travel or walk around camera. Both of the systems can produce the best IQ, and the lenses are excellent.

Syracuse wrote:

I have D700, 24-70, 70-200VR2, 50 1.4G, 85 1.8G. I mainly take pictures on portraits, and events, for my daughter, school and family events. I enjoy the image quality of D700, its accurate autofocus, beautiful bokeh on 70-200, 50, and 85. But due to its weight and size, I could not take them with me everyday, and it's kind of weird, too.

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