E-M5 firmware bugs, report them here

Started Apr 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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First #1 FW Fix = IBIS Video Mode for Adapted/Non-Native Lenses

FIX the IBIS in Video-Mode for adapted/legacy/non-native lenses!

If they're trying to disable it to up sales for their native lenses, commercially/marketing speaking, it doesn't make sense either...because no one will want to buy the Body in the first place. AND, bodies cost 2-3 times more than their lenses.

Cmon olympus! Don't tell me you're going to make an awesome camera, that even looks like a Vintage MF camera, and then not even allow it to fully work with Real Vintage MF lenses. Can't even use your own company's old Legacy lenses.

From a commercial/marketing standpoint, it's better to fully enable the IBIS in Vid for MF lenses...that way more people will buy the lenses, and heck, maybe even convert the MF lens heads to even buy their newer m.zuiko lenses.

But we need to buy the Body first Olympus! How can we even buy the m.zuiko lenses if we don't have a body, or don't want to buy the body because it doesn't work with our beloved MF glass??

This should be the First and most important fix.

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