Favorite d800 RAW converter and why?

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Re: Favorite d800 RAW converter and why?

Capture NX2, for tonal quality and brilliance of color, which to my eye is unquestionably better than ACR or LR4. Also, the detail controls seem better to me, and I do make use of multiple control points. Often the image is finished and mixed down to a JPEG right there.

But for many special efforts, such as luminosity masks, color masks and curves, and my full range of plugins I move over to PS CS6. Plus patch tool, content aware fill, blend modes, high pass sharpening and all the other such things, PS is second nature by now.

I do find myself getting lazy, though, and loading my recent D800 files into ACR, just because it’s quicker to then get into CS6 for my other adjustments and layers. ACR is not bad, it looks good, it just doesn’t look great. CNX2 done properly on a NEF file looks great.

Tom B

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