My new computer for D800 on order

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Buying an >>HP<< machine can be problematic too

PhotoQuests wrote:

You might pay a little more by buying from HP

You assume (wrongly) that HP tests its design before starting to sell them. They don't. So you're not any more protected from issues coming from incompatible components (caveat: only applies to consumer lines, pro workstations are better - at a premium)

but their support

Which will let you down if they realize that they've sold thousands of flawed PCs because HP won't want to deal with the cost of a recall (been there, BTW)

single source for drivers,

Not always up to date. Additionally HP may install OEM versions which are nothing else than the same component bought of the shelf but with some features removed (read: cheaper for HP). Which of course means that drivers from the original manufacturer won't work, and you have to accept to work with older drivers.

bug fixes and technical support. Of course if your time is free or you'd rather be messing with you computer rather than shooting then go ahead.

And if you want to waste your time with HP's poor customer support when they see that their machines don't work properly, but will go in denial mode , wasting much more time then go ahead.

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