Want to have a laugh?

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Want to have a laugh?

Recently I signed up with another studio to fill up some free dates.
Here's what I received from a bride who's wedding I'm supposed to shoot.

If I ever had to interview a bride like that, the first thing I would do during the interview is to show her to the door.

here it goes. Fasten your seat belts

"Hello Serge and Dan,

How are you? Attached below is a list that I am requesting that you take pictures of on our special day. This list is in addition to your own set of pictures that you are going to be taking in regards to your own work methods. It is imperative that you include a variety of pictures which has to include photojournalistic, traditional and artistic styles. When shooting out door photos, please take notice of buildings, shadows, lighting or any other excess pieces in the environment that may ruin the shot. I also found this article online which describes some "photo poses" in which I would like some of our photos to include, especially "The sitting headrest," "The Swing," "Standing forehead to forehead," "The Dip," "The Casual and Intimate look," "the Single Look," and the "Looking off Look." Please refer to the link for examples: http://www.adidap.com/2011/07/04/step-into-wedding-photography-with-these-20-poses/

I apologize if I may come off as demanding or if it looks as if I am telling you how to do your job, however this day is very important to us and I just want to make sure I get all the photos I want. I want to be able to look at these photographs 75 years from now and be able to relive every single minute of my wedding day just by looking at the pictures that you will be capturing come June 16. If you have any concerns, comments or questions please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you. Thank you and have a great day!

Must Have Shots
A Really Good Kissing Shot
The Guys Getting Ready
Your Bouquet
Your Reception Tables
Bridal/Groom shoes
You In Action
Your Favors
Your Wedding Party Kids
Your Wedding Cake
Your Bridesmaid Bouquets
Your Ceremony (Pulled Back)
Your Dresses
Your Hairstyle
His Boutonniere
Candid Shots of Your Bridesmaids
The Ceremony (From a New Angle)
Your Wedding Party
Your Guests
The Scene
Your Reception (Pulled Back)
Getting Ready With Your Mom
A New-Angle Photo
Your Ceremony Details
Your Jewelry
His Shoes
Your First Dance
A Posed and Composed Couple’s Shot
Your Escort Cards
A First-Look Photo
A Silhouette Shot
A Scene-Setter
The Little Odds and Ends
Your Getaway Car
A Dramatic Couple’s Shot
A Funky Backdrop Couple’s Shot
A Movie-esque Black-and-White Shot
The Lighting
Your Bridesmaids Before the Ceremony
You Two After the Ceremony
A Getting-Ready Photo of You
A Before-the-Ceremony Toast
Your Glamour Shot
An Artistically Angled Shot
A Moment Away
Your Fashion Photo Shot
The Boutonnieres
A Before-the-Ceremony Shot
Father/Daughter Dance
Mother/Son Dance
Cake Cutting
Bride and Maid of Honor/ Groom with Best Men
Bride with Family
Groom with Family
Bride and Groom with each family
Bride and Groom with both families together
Dancing shot
Pictures while people are making toasts"

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