It is not gear, it is understanding of light:-)

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Re: It is not gear, it is understanding of light:-)

I admit that I visit these forums routinely, but mostly to get news and information on the latest equipment and advancements. Unlike film days when you could buy a trusty camera and keep it for many years, we now get game changers almost daily. So while it is important to know when to make a move that will elevate your skills and stay competitive, I still think of something that I heard my dad say many years ago.

He came home one evening telling my mom about a gal in the camera club who again won the competitions, but what seemed to exsasperate him was that she had a "cheap camera and she used Scotch tape to mount filters on her lens". He actually chuckled about it as if he admitted that sometimes talent trumps gear, but it was a little lesson that I've never forgotten. I do love and buy the latest equipment, but more because it opens up new possibilities and liberates my shooting and not because I could see some microscopic difference at 100% over brand X.

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